The Republic

PERKED is a collective of street artists and screen printers located in Northern California. We offer one of a kind, unique clothing that stands out from other brands so if your tired of seeing the same boring played out clothing then PERKED is your answer!


past tense: perked; past participle: perked
  1. become more cheerful, lively, or interesting.
    "in the second half, the dance perked up"
    synonyms:recoverrallyimproverevive, take a turn for the better, look up, pick up,bounce back
    "the economy has been slow to perk up"
    • make someone or something more cheerful, lively, or interesting.
      "the coffee had perked him up long enough to tackle the reviews

slightly drunk from a alcoholic beverages
i was so perked last night, i woke up in the gutter of jack in the box